Online nutrition support


Chris Foster MNU Certified Nutritionist

I'm passionate about improving the health of the population through evidence based fitness and nutrition coaching.

I'm here to break down the myths you've been told over the years, and help you understand how to adopt simple and sustainable lifestyle changes that will make you question why you ever went on a diet!

Evidence based nutrition support to help you improve your health, performance and general wellbeing. I'll help you to develop long-term lifestyle changes and you'll never look at a fad diet again!

My personalised nutrition services are available remotely and designed to help in areas including fat loss, body composition, muscle gain, sports performance as well as health related areas including PCOS, Type II Diabetes, IBS, Obesity and heart health amongst others.

I also offer a range of nutrition services for businesses, meaning that I can help employees to better manage their health and in turn their overall performance.

For details on Individual Nutrition Packages link through to Chris on:​

"I studied Sport and Exercise Sciences at The University of Birmingham, and since then have spent my career supporting people with managing their health and wellbeing in a variety of ways. From being a Personal Trainer and Regional Clinical Lead Health & Wellbeing Physiologist, through to holding roles such as the Professional Head of Fitness, Clinic Manager and Head of Learning and Development.

Nutrition in particular has always fascinated me, considering the impact (both positive, and negative) that it can have on our health and performance. That's why I committed to over a year of studying to qualify, with distinction, as an MNU Certified Nutritionist. I pride myself on being "evidence based", which means that my coaching and guidance is based on scientific evidence, alongside years of experience and seeing what does and doesn't work."