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Mobility Specialist

Anatomy trains, vivobarefoot, Gray Institute, TRX, PTA Global, Trigger point are just some of the brands he teaches on behalf of and thrives in the business of upgrading lives of fitness/movement professionals globally through the empowerment that quality education brings.


I am a regular at the worlds leading conferences and seminars - FitPro LIVE, AFC Bangkok, MEFITPRO summit in Dubai, and the ‘super bowl’ of fitness conferences IDEA WORLD all take a place of pride on his resume/cv.


My work is with both athletes/general clientele and centres around the necessity for optimal variable movement around all the joints in the body, creation of mobility, the ability to control this new found motion and produce, absorb and generate force in any/all positions for the game of life/sport and the need for resiliency in a busy, non stop moving world in which clients/trainers must operate.

Key contact details:

Paul Edmondson

I have been working in the health, fitness and wellness field for almost 20 years.


For the first decade of my career, I was a full-time personal trainer (working with athletes and general clientele) and group exercise instructor.


The last decade I branched out into teaching and presenting on a national, and international scale - during this time I worked with and for the worlds best education companies and brands on the planet.