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Desk Setup

We’re willing to bet a small fortune that many people reading this first line can’t say they’re not slouched at their home desks right now.  Just take a look at your current position.

Home working has meant we have had to adapt our working environment and that isn't always perfect but we must make sure we follow some simple advice to avoid problems with our neck, back, wrists in the future.

This is a particular issue with long working days using a laptop that is not correctly positioned and not thinking through your setup, it feels so natural to sit at the breakfast bar and start your days work but we must think about the long term effects this may be having.

Go through the following checklist, and see where you’re letting yourself down.

  • Your eyes should be level with the top of your computer monitor. This is easier with desktop PCs, but a struggle with laptops where the keyboard and screen are fixed close together.

  • Your shoulders should be relaxed and low, not high and hunched up. You should feel like you’re not lifting your shoulders.

  • Your lower arms should be parallel to the floor. They should rest on a support, rather than being held up.

  • You shouldn’t be reaching too far for your keyboard and mouse. You should be able to control them easily with arms bent at the elbow.

  • Your feet should be flat on the floor. Just putting your toes on the floor isn’t enough!

  • Your upper back should be straight. Your lower back has a natural curve that should be supported by your chair.

  • You shouldn’t slouch in your chair. Your hips should be as close to the back of the chair as possible.

  • Your upper legs should be at a 90° angle from your body. If you’re short, this may mean that you need a footrest. If you’re particularly tall, you’ll need a higher chair (and may also require a higher desk).

  • You should be sitting up straight and your screen should be a full arm’s length away from you.

  • You shouldn’t be leaning to one side. It can be tempting to rest on one arm, but this causes your spine to curve.

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