Glowing Bumps

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designed by women for women


Company overview


Glowing Bumps is a one-stop-shop providing structured fitness, wellbeing and nutrition programmes that are easy to follow, tailored to each phase of pregnancy and founded on medical research. From conception through to postpartum we have easy to follow e-guides and videos that can be completed in the comfort of your own home. 


Pregnancy wellbeing – simplified.

Glowing Bumps has been created by passionate, experienced women to help support you in a happy and healthy pregnancy.
The Get Glowing Fitness and Nutrition Programmes will inspire and inform you through each trimester of your pregnancy. Read more about the Glowing Bumps approach to supporting pregnant women.


Services Provided:

Get the Exercise Bug – Specialised Fitness Training programmes:

The Get Glowing Fitness Programme is produced in association with Meredith Kramer, mother and owner of 40weekFit. It’s a series of fun and bespoke pregnancy exercise videos and e-books for each trimester of pregnancy and postpartum for you to work out to in the comfort of your own home or wherever suits you.

They are all designed to keep you and your baby fit and healthy through pregnancy.

Eat healthy and tasty food in pregnancy – Specialised Nutrition Plans:

The Glowing Bumps ‘Get Glowing Nutrition Plans’ cover preconception, the three trimesters
of pregnancy and into motherhood. Experienced nutritionist and mother-of-three Wendy O’Neill dispels the many pregnancy dietary myths out there (eating for one or two anyone?)
and provides you with the latest, scientifically-proven nutritional information that will enable
you to make choices that benefit your health and that of your baby.

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