AHW new partnership with WHF Zone


AHW new partnership with WHF Zone

At home wellbeing have a new partnership with the WFH Zone to help you with your work from home set up, no matter what your needs are as an individual or organisation.

WFH Zone's research revealed that many organisations from sole traders up to multinationals, recognised that the “just give them a laptop!” option is ......... no longer ......... an option.

With an estimated 1.6 million people now working from home full time or on a flexible basis and with this number likely to increase due to the pandemic, it is clear WFH is here to stay.

As reflected within their logo, the ever changing workplace environment is a mixture of conventional office space where flexible-working takes place in conjunction with indoor and garden office options for those working from home.

Through The WFH Zone’s bespoke filter and search facility, they can help help organisations of all sizes find work from home solutions from quality suppliers that meet their budget, timescale and ethos needs. Solutions that create an employee environment that is conducive to productive working and improved wellbeing.
To find out more about the WFH Zone and how they can help you, click on the link below.