Hips Don't Lie

30th Sept 2020

Turns out, Shakira's not the only one who believes hips don't lie. Those ball-and-socket joints can reveal a lot about a person, and equally important is how well they're taken care of, through hip strengthening and stretching.
When a person has tight hips, it generally means that they've been sitting a lot, like at a desk job, working on a computer all day. By doing active stretches before or after sitting for extended periods of time, you'll help relax the area, feel less tight, and allow yourself to sit comfortably for longer, This will also help protect from injuries."
Hip strength and mobility can also help improve movement patterns and posture. If one joint isn’t working as it should—say, the hips are tight and immobile—this can cause stress for the joint above or below it. When the hip tightens, it can stress the low back or the knee joint, which can then alter posture and gait (aka, how you walk) and also lead to injuries.
Another reason your hips are so important? They absorb most of the movement of your body, they take on standing stress, sitting stress, and stabilizing stress. So adding strength to the part of your body that gives you the greatest support will improve your ability to move throughout daily tasks without hesitation.
When you're finally ready to get your hips strong and mobile, use this routine to warm up and then strengthen the key hip joints. Add this workout into your routine one to two times per week to get the best results.