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Type of classes and workouts available:


We have a wide range of classes and workouts including -

HIIT, Yoga, Strength, Body Conditioning, Pilates, Dance, Combat, Step, Pilates Barre, Body Blast, Yoga for Kids, Flex & Flow, Full Body Shred, Box Fit, Hip-Hop Tone and many more... 

Features on our app:

The app has a wealth of features to help keep you on track with your fitness and wellbeing goals. Our app will allow you to keep track of your workouts, allowing you to build and schedule workouts too. Which you can change up on a regular basis to keep your workouts interesting and motivating. You can watch the workouts and then try them out for yourself.

We also have challenges which are a useful tool to track how you are progressing. Any activity you take part in is registered within the app and is tracked, and workout points added that can be seen on the leaderboard. 


On board with partners:

We have special partnerships with health, fitness, and wellbeing experts.

Whether you are looking to go the extra mile and need that 1-to-1 experience, you'll need a personal trainer. Or need to speak to a GP, meet with a doctor at home, online or at a clinic.

What ever you need our partners are on hand to help you.


Chris Cook

Life Coach & Olympian

paul-edmondson mobility.jpg

Paul Edmondson

Mobility Specialist

Chris Foster.webp

Chris Foster

MNU Certified Nutritionist


Online GP Services


Physical and Mental Health Care Providers


A highly experienced team of Personal Trainers 


DNA - Testing Specialist (Including Covid-19 Tests)

Need a guiding hand?


So need to find out more how to use the app...
check out our FAQ and Video guides page which will give you an indepth guide, showing you on how the app works and how to navigate your way around. Plus we have some general help questions that we have answered for you.