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Whilst a full lockdown is going to wreak havoc with mental health, physical activity discipline and being consistent for many (including myself).

Use this as a period to invest in your own joint health over the next 4 weeks and engage in daily activity that takes your joints through ranges of motion that they are famed for.

10 mins and some space, floor, doorway and a wall and your set to do the bare minimum to fully engage in the restoration and improvement of your own bodies ‘movement system key components’.

One such example for the posterior hip (and surrounding tissues) - using a half kneeling body position, holding on to a squat rack (easy replicated at home holding onto a doorway) - this position emphasises this region (back hip) and the holding on gives stability - if I’m stable I can move within my maximum capacity.

What then looks like a simple circle is indeed just that - exploring the borders of where I can move comfortably.

Taking joints through ranges/movements daily can and will:-

1- maintain (bare minimum) and improve (if factor in stability and strength drills on top of just MOBILITY) movement capacity at the target joint.

2- ensure your bodies own ‘sat Nav’ (GPS) Brain - sensory system - joints - motor systems are constantly being fed movement which enhances this pathway and is the only way to ensure proprioception is fully mapped/connected within the body.

3- Through circulation and 02 blood being brought in, this is the ONLY way to ensure transportation and uptake of nutrients to the joints - no movement no blood! - so inevitably it’s health WILL decline.

4- prevent any build up of scar tissue in parts of the joint that you don’t use ‘habitually’ through your day - this covers your bases and allows you to explore all and thus keep the whole joint healthy.

10 mins - space - and your joints will thank you - get involved....

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