• Adam Powell

The Pros and Cons of working out at home!

As we come to the end of week 1 of lockdown 2.0 you should be settling back into the way of life we had earlier this year. Thankfully it is a little less restrictive than before with more industries still able to operate.

The down side is gyms are closed. The good news is with At Home Wellbeing you do not need a gym! As a PT I will always enjoy working and working out in gyms. The options are endless on what we can do for a client if the gym is well equipped and spacious.

For the majority of people gyms have failed them. Most of you reading this will have been a member of a gym at some point. The initial excitement and nervous feeling of walking in and being scared you will be the only one who is not in great shape. Then you look around and realise there is literally only one person who is in great shape!

The benefits of doing exercise at home are.

1. You do not have waste time travelling to the gym, pool etc.

2. You can be more flexible with when you workout.

3. You do not need a fully equipped gym to have a good workout.

4. Time is always against us. You can have a great workout in as little as 10 minutes.

5. The shower is yours and has not had lots of other people (apart from your family) in it.

6. The choices of workouts, classes, online PT and challenges available to you through At Home Wellbeing are vast.

7. As well as saving time you are saving a lot of money.

The downsides of doing exercise at home are.

1. Whilst you may have more time it is often hard to find time to exercise. Distractions are greater at home.

2. Being more flexible with when you workout requires some degree of discipline. This is the great thing about scheduling a class through the app; you will get a reminder when it is about to start.

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