• Chris Cook

Wellbeing and Success

1 Becoming aware of your highest self. Within you is the power to attract and manifest all that you need and desire. You need to understand that you are both a physical body in a physical world and you are a spiritual being with access to a higher level to attract all you need or desire. That higher level is within you… The athlete…. The warrior

2 Inspiration stems from the word ‘In Spirit’.

I’ve only just discovered this, but it makes perfect sense now, especially when I look back and connect the dots in life. You see, trusting yourself is way less about intellect and more about trusting the source that created you or listening to your heart. A good friend of mine said to me once ‘Surrender and allow life to happen’. I was confused at first but what he was referring to is that we have an inner knowing, when we surrender and we allow this to develop so that we learn to attract the things that want us as much as we want them. I always say to people ‘what you truly want, wants you back… trust your inner knowing’. Now, I’m not in favour of one religion over another, however I am in favour of one source.

I always love hearing people tell their story from their troubles through to their successes, because it reinforces the message to be really simple - Look for the lesson in the darkness and trust this has come to you to teach you something. Ask for help in prayer, quiet reflection time or even in that conversation to yourself ask ‘I’ve not been able to resolve these issues in my life, I would like help with the next step’ I’ve lost count of how many times before a big talk on stage that I’ve said ‘Please help me to deliver this talk to the best of my ability, allow this talk to teach me a new lesson, let it lift and shift my skills’. Now I’m not professing to know who I’m speaking too however by simply turning over my concerns to that none physical presence, then it allows me to tap into an inner calm and a knowing that I am supported and guided. I then place trust that this action will lead to a resolution of problems or the help and assistance to fly higher than ever.

3 You can attract to yourself, what you desire.

So, it’s simple, work out what you want, picture it, use that picture to bring it to life, then wait and be patient... I prefer to tell no one at all, it’s my secret mission and it’s personal. I’ve said for years, that there is huge difference between selfish and personal. For me, personal means that you’ve internalised the mission you’re on. The next step is the doing part and that involves, thinking and acting like it’s already here and happening, like you already have it – step into being it! Lastly, don’t forget to be grateful and give thanks for what you already have, this is crucial.

4 How can we expect greatness when we don’t believe in our own greatness?

It’s like expecting someone to love you when you don’t love yourself… it’s a tad unrealistic. When we honour the worthiness to receive then we send a message to ourselves to say ‘you are worth it!’ The activity you need to work on is of you feeling worthy and entitled to greatness. Accept yourself as yourself, no self-loathing, just accept who you are without complaining just accepting… say it to yourself ‘I am what I am and I accept it.’ If you’re wanting to really excel then take it a stage further and say ‘I take full responsibility for everything that has occurred is because I brought it in.’ This is not about guilt or blame, this is about ownership. This where you can’t fail to see the blessing in every lesson. In time you being to have harmony between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

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